Happy Birthday Dad!

My dad is 94 years young today!  He’s still smarter, healthier, and better looking than I am.  Go for 100!  Here he is with my whole family at Thanksgiving.


And now back to our regularly scheduled program….  Yesterday I happened to focus on some pics shared by JamesD, so in keeping with that concept I’ll share pics from Bajadreamer today.  Aside from his wonderful pictures he always has a story to tell in the Description of his picture entry.  As you are admiring the following shots be sure to click on each one and read what he has to say.  Some are about the birds themselves and other comments are about his camera setup (“How I Got the Shot”).  Thanks for your words and birds Bajadreamer!

First off, a family spat between a male and female Black-goggled Tanager.


Here’s a shot of a Scale-throated Hermit taken early in the morning in the rainforest – very little light – so the ISO of the shot was 16000.  As Bajadreamer says, this used to be an automatic delete because of the high noise but now computer software can eliminate that and yield a GreatBirdPic like this one.


Lastly, a shot of a Saffron Toucanet.  Just look at the sumptuous colors of this bird!  GreatBirdPic Bajadreamer!


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