Happy First Birthday GreatBirdPic!

GBP Notes 11/26/20

Good Morning GreatBirdPics members!

One year ago on Thanksgiving Day, GreatBirdPics.com went live (I know the date was not November 26th but it’s easier to remember “Thanksgiving Day” than a date).  Some of you, like XWinger became members on that first day; others like Zurotography have just joined in the past couple of days.  So on this day of Thanksgiving I want to thank all of you for your contributions be they photos, comments, quick emails of support, or your suggestions.

Since that day a year ago the site has grown considerably.  Thanks to you there are over 3,400 pictures for the world to browse and enjoy and over 2,400 comments have been posted about those pics.  I can’t figure out how many species have been entered but it must be in the hundreds and those pictures have been taken in 25 different countries.

So in honor of Thanksgiving here are a couple of turkey pics.  The first one was submitted by my wacky brother Xwinger – one of the first pictures uploaded by a member to GreatBirdPics.com:


This one by yours truly in honor of Thanksgiving:

Be thankful for all you have, keep safe, and hold on.  Happy Thanksgiving!


PS – If you landed on this page via a web search we would love to have you join the GreatBirdPics community.  Find out more about the site HERE.

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