Happy Leap Day!

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a picture of a bird “leaping” so we’ll have to go with the next best thing.  Let’s just say that flight is an elongated leap, so enjoy some recent BIF shots (don’t worry, I’ll feature BIF shots more than once every four years).

Kaur has been out practicing his BIF shots, as he has shared several of them lately.  Here’s one of a Ring-billed Gull, perhaps taken at sunset judging by the color.


In general, BIF shots are hard to get.  JamesD said he had to do some post-processing to eliminate some of the shadows in this shot of a Red-headed Woodpecker (we saw our first one of the year yesterday).


And from Nelson, New Zealand, Rebecca Bowater flushed a Little Pied Shag (Cormorant) and caught it flying overhead.


Another BIF from Kaur of a Bald Eagle coming in for a landing after a long leap.  This shot illustrates a common problem with BIF images – a cloudy sky makes everything in the background look white, which appears unnatural when viewed.  It’s tough to avoid but can be modified in post-processing in some cases.  More on that later.


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