Highlighting Members’ Pics

GBP Notes 11/3/20

Good Morning GreatBirdPics Members!

Today is Election Day – if you haven’t already make sure you vote!

Here are some GreatbirdPics from our members:

reflection  Birder2011 knows what I like – nothing prettier than a bird on the water and its reflection.  Great shot!

Walking in shallow water  KayakingNC sent in this beautiful picture of a flock of geese with the hills in the background.  Enjoy!

Nonstop diver  At first glance this one looks like our first featured photo “reflection” but look closely and you’ll notice the bill and the white area on the head are different.  Another great shot by Emil Baumbach.  Note that this one does not have a long tail – because it is a female.  For comparison purposes check out A Favorite Bird which is a male with the long tail.

Tiny Sparrow  LinLark caught this one on the ground.  Note the red cap and the black line through the eye.  Great shot LinLark!

All sorts of interesting birds (Evening Grosbeaks, Lapland Longspurs, Red Crossbills) have been reported in the area so off I go in search of them.  Happy Birding!


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