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GBP Notes 11/12/20

Good Morning GreatBirdPics Members!

Today we feature some of the latest pics from our members.  We have some talented bird photographers out there and I enjoy viewing their pictures.  You can click on any picture to see a larger view of the bird and information about the shot.  Take a look:

This pic of an American Crow looks patriotic to me! Great composition Will139!


Will139 offers up another winner of this Dark-eyed Junco on a log. Again, I love the composition with the texture of the bark an integral part of the image.


At first glance this is a simple image of a Mallard, but as you look carefully you see the water dripping from the bill, the reflection of the sky in the disturbed water, and the leaves floating around. Great composition Will139!


Speaking of detail, look at how sharp this picture of a Red-tailed Hawk is! I love the flowing feathers around its legs and under the tail. A beautiful shot LinLark!


Looks like today might me a Netflix Day as Tropical Storm Eta moves inland just north of us.  Hope your weather is better and you can get out.  Happy Birding!


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