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Keeping An Eye Out On Mr. Gator

While on a recent visit to my dad on Hilton Head Island I looked from the deck to the retention pond behind his house.  The first thing I noticed was a Wood Stork sitting in the grass.  As you look at the image you might think that its knees are going the wrong way, but those are actually its ankle bones bent in that direction.


As I continued to gaze at the bird I noticed the pond’s big alligator nearby.  It stayed perfectly still jut off the shore but the bird knew it was there because it occasionally looked back to see if it was presenting any danger.

The alligator was probably 10 feet long and my dad reported that it had been there for years and would often walk up onto the grassy bank to sun itself.  Karen would not allow me to go down there to get any closer to the gator but I was able to get this shot of it.


Later Mr. Alligator slid into the water and got a little bit closer, at which time Mr. Wood Stork decided to go visit another pond.  High drama in the retention pond!

Stay Safe.  Go Birding.  Take Pics.  Share Here.  Repeat.  


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Good call by Karen.