March ’24 Bird Photography Contest – Win $100!

Here we go again GreatBirdPics members – our next contest.  You could win the $100 prize!  Our topic this time – BIF (Birds in Flight) shots.  I love trying to capture a bird while flying; I think birds’ ability to fly is a big reason why we’re drawn to them, that freedom of flight we all long for but can never attain (unless you’re a skydiver or hang glider).

The contest starts March 4, 2024 and will remain open until midnight Central Time, Friday, March 15.  New submissions only and you must be a GreatBirdPics member to win (register HERE to become a member).  Brother Xwinger and I will be the judges and the winner will be announced Monday, March 25th.   Good luck!

Here are a couple of BIF pictures it took during my Chile and Argentina trip last month.  See if you can best them!

Here’s a Chimango Caracara taking off from its perch.


Here’s a BIF shot of a Chilean Flamingo flying along with the Andes Mountains the in background.


There is nothing more challenging than getting a shot of a hummingbird in flight.  Here’s a pretty good one of a Red-tailed Comet taken in Mendoza, Argentina.


Driving along the highway, our guide Marcello spotted some Burrowing Parakeets perched on some wires paralleling the road.  These two were engaged in some courtship behaviors, including flying directly over each other.


Can you beat any of these?  If so you might win $100!  Good luck!

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