Member’s Bird Photography Showcase – 10/28/21

Pics from Bonnie

I guess I’m not letting any secrets out when I say that GreatBirdPics user Birder2011 is named Bonnie because she puts her name in a watermark on her pics.  Bonnie is an avid birder and great photographer and I have featured some of her works here in the past.  I noticed a couple of interesting ones from her lately that I didn’t want you to miss.  Take a look:

First off, a Peregrine Falcon.  Note the bands on its legs.  Here’s what Bonnie wrote:

“One of the first thing I noticed on the Peregrine Falcon was the bands on his leg. So before he flew off, I wanted to make sure I got some decent shots of the bands. Not always easy. I then submitted information on the band, with photo to the and discovered he was banded in Chicago on 5/22/2019 and his name is Mike.”

I always try to get pictures of the bands on birds’ legs and try to track them down.  It provides interesting information to me and helps the scientific community as well.


Next Bonnie shares a couple of pictures of a Northern Harrier with “butter-claws.”  According to here report the raptor had caught a mouse or vole and then flew off.  When up in the air the Harrier would drop the rodent and then swoop down and catch it – and did this several times.  Certainly sounds like the bird was practicing its ability to snag some prey in mid-air.


Great shots Bonnie – keep them coming!

Stay Safe.  Go Birding.  Take Pics.  Share Here.  Repeat.


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