Members’ Bird Photography Showcase – 10/5/23

It’s fun to see what our members share with us on  Such a variety of birds!  Take a look at some of the most recent:

Mikeaff has a shot of a Chestnut-sided Warbler you don’t see very often – mostly its back.  Note how green it looks.  You can still see the slash of chestnut on its flank.  Mikeaff said that this was taken at 12800 ISO – which should have been very noisy, almost unusable.  But he was able to process it through Topaz Denoise and it came out beautifully.


A Common Chafinch perched briefly in a tree in Rebecca Bowater’s backyard in Nelson, New Zealand.  Take a close look to see all the colors on this bird.


Bajadreamer takes hundreds of pictures of Common Yellowthroats in the spring, when the males are perched high and singing for a mate.  He always shares any changes he made to the image and this one was, “Cropped from R and bottom approximately 50%, BG was darkened slightly, eye was brightened slightly, and a wayward stem of mustard was cloned out of the L bottom.”  A lot of work but certainly worth it to yield such a wonderful shot.


While Birder2011 was vacationing with her family in Grand Teton National Park she had an encounter with a Ruffled Grouse on the trail.  The grouse walked straight at her and she took pictures of it.  Eventually the bird meandered off the trail, avoiding a potential Little John/Robin Hood confrontation.


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