Member’s Bird Photography Showcase – 2/15/22

Some Interesting Pics from NZ

Our New Zealand Naturalist Rebecca Bowater has been sending in a steady stream of some very interesting birds.  Take a look:

First off an “Aww that’s cute!” shot.  A Spotted Shag feeding its young at the edge of a cliff.  Watch out for those first few steps out of the nest!


Look at the colors on this next one – a Wood Pigeon or known as a Kereru down there.  Don’t miss those red feet!


Take a close look at this next bird, a Wrybill.  It is a type of Plover and is endemic to New Zealand.  Pay particular attention to the bill.  Notice anything unusual?


Here’s another shot of a Wrybill – take another look at its bill.  It’s actually curved to the right!  All Wrybills are like that (they are the only known species to have a bill like that) and scientists aren’t sure why. Some speculate it helps them find insect larvae under rocks.


Finally, we take a look at a robin that doesn’t look anything like our North American Robin.  The New Zealand Robin looks more like one of our warblers, where the North American Robin looks more like a thrush.  They are endemic to New Zealand and have several subspecies including the North Island and South Island Robin (this one is a South Island).


Thanks Rebecca for sharing all these great bird pics!

Stay safe.  Go birding.  Take pics.  Share here.  Repeat.  


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