Member’s Bird Photography Showcase 2/16/22

Purposeful Photography

Most of the time I’m an opportunistic bird photographer.  We go walking down a trail and when a bird comes in sight I try to get a few shots of it.  On the other hand, Osprey60 (and other of our best photographers) is often a purposeful bird photographer.  In order to get the three GreatBirdPics below he didn’t go out and find the birds, he selected the spot he wanted to take pictures and waited for them to come to him.  Here’s what he shared in the descriptions for each:

Tufted Titmouse – “When I’m trying to decide where to go and photograph on a cold winter day, I often myself going to the Little Red Schoolhouse [Willow Springs, IL]. The abundance of feeders attracts hundreds of birds and if you are careful about your angles so that the feeders aren’t visible, you can end up with some great images.”


Downey Woodpecker: “The natural vignette provided by the bi-colored background adds contrast to this image and gives it that extra flair that makes it stand out.”


Dark-eyed Junco – “Birds will come if you are patient. I moved to the right spot to get the background I wanted and then just waited for a bird to land on the perch I selected. I took only a couple of minutes before this junco arrived.”


Thanks for the lesson Osprey60!  To get the great shot be purposeful in choosing your shooting location, factoring in the background.

Stay Safe.  Go Birding.  Take Pics.  Share Here.  Repeat.  


If you would like to learn more about Click Here.  Members can post their own great bird pics, create an online gallery of their works, and receive emails about bird photography.

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