Members’ Bird Photography Showcase 3/21/24

We welcomed in Spring late Tuesday night, but it’s still pretty cold here in the midwest.  Here are a couple of pics from our members to warm up the morning:

MuskyMike must like owls because he has posted several owl pics lately.  Here’s a rare shot of both a male and female Barred Owl perched on the same limb. If I had to guess, the one on the left is the male because it appears a bit larger.


Kaur likes owls, too.  He’s been sharing pics from a Great Horned Owl’s nest lately.  Here’s one of an adult (probably the female) with one of several chicks peering over the nest.


We have seen many pictures of penguins standing on land, but have you see shots of them swimming?  Rebecca Bowater, our intrepid New Zealand naturalist, went to Antarctica a few years ago and got this shot while cursing around on a Zodiac.


Bajadreamer’s wife shot this gorgeous Blond-crested Woodpecker.  Be sure to click on the pic and read his reasoning on why it’s important to use a high frame rate (her camera was set at 25 fps) for birds like this.


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