Members’ Bird Photography Showcase – 3/30/23

Our members share their pictures from near and far – it makes me want to travel again (after I finish processing all my Panama bird pictures).  Take a look!

Cgeorge was in Madrid, Spain and shared his shot of a Great Tit.  He says it was difficult to get a picture of one that showed its eyes – like a Chickadee back home.


Berginc4 was recently in Belize (not far from Panama).  He’s been sharing several beautiful bird pics from there – this one of a Lineated Woodpecker stood out.


Some think of Texas as a different country so I’ll include it in this world-tour of birds.  Brian Stephan was there and captured one of my favorite warblers – a Hooded Warbler.  Hoping it’s coming my way soon as it migrates north.


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