Member’s Bird Photography Showcase – 4/13/22

Pretty Bird!  Pretty Bird!

I am with my brother Doug in Connecticut as he recuperates from his surgery – hopefully he will be released from the hospital soon and I can bring him to his home to recuperate.  Thanks again for all the kind thoughts and prayers.

We have had a string of GreatBirdPics posted recently.  Take a look:

Ronald Zigler’s stunning pic of a Blue-winged Warbler starts us off today.  Such a beautiful bird and perfectly posed.

JamesD wondered if the pictured Goldfinch at his feeder was a male or female.  This time of year the Goldfinch are molting so my guess is it is a male.  I’m always amazed by the variety of colors Goldfinch exhibit – bright yellow in the summer, brown in the winter, and many shades in between.


JamesD posted another pic of a Goldfinch at his feeder. Compare the brighter yellow on this one to the bird above.


Linlark muses that the Redpolls that had been visiting her yard all winter long have been replaced by Goldfinch.  Redpolls had a bit of an irruption in Chicagoland – usually it is tough to find them, but this winter Redpolls were reported at many feeders around.


Stay Safe.  Go Birding.  Take Pics.  Share Here.  Repeat.


If you would like to learn more about GreatBirdPics Click Here.  Members can post their own great bird pics, create an online gallery of their works, and receive regular emails like this about bird photography.

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