Members’ Bird Photography Showcase 4/4/24

GreatBirdPics are coming into the site every day.  Here are a few that caught my eye:

Ronald Zigler explains that this picture is about courtship and bonding between a male and female Osprey.  In this shot the male delivers a fish that he’s already eaten the head off of.  I wonder what he got her for Valentine’s Day?


Bajadreamer continues to delight us with great birds from Brazil.  Yes, this female Burnished-buff Tanager is colorful, but more than that it’s a wonderful image containing interesting foliage that compliments the bird’s colors and a sharp-as-a-tack head.  Award Worthy!


A Variable Oystercatcher has an all-black body, which is notoriously hard to photograph.  Yet Rebecca Bowater did get a GreatBirdPic of one walking along the water’s edge.  Note how the shutter speed (1/800) was fast enough to stop the waves in the background but not fast enough to stop the action in its legs.



JamesD forgot to check the settings on his camera before taking some pics of Blue-winged Teal.  All the shots are a little over-exposed even after working some post-processing magic on them.  This one caught my eye for all the ruffled feathers.


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