Members’ Bird Photography Showcase 5/11/23

Before getting to some of recently shared photos I want to welcome our three newest members:  MuskyMike from LaGrange, IL, derog53 from Eugene, Or, and cwayj from Niles, IL.  I hope we see some of their GreatBirdPics on the site soon (hint. hint. nudge. nudge)!

Let’s start out today’s Showcase with a backyard bird from mikeaff.  A Broad-winged Hawk dropped in for a visit.


Tis the season… for Canada Geese goslings!  JamesD had to stretch out the width of his frame to display all 12 geese on the pond.


Birder1959 has been posting a lot of Lifers lately – congratulations!  Here’s a Magnolia Warbler Lifer he recently posted.


I love the bright red of a Scarlet Tanager, and evident kpmac does too!  Thanks for the colorful pic.


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