Member’s Bird Photography Showcase 5/25/21

The Eyes Have It

The eyes of a bird are such an important part of any bird photograph.  Perhaps not as expressive as human eyes, but bird’s eyes draw us into the picture.  You can have a great picture of a bird but if the eyes are obscured the total picture’s quality is diminished.  Here are some recent pics from our members that contain great eyes.

LinLark captured this Towhee in a tree.  Although shadows over the head usually distracts from a photo, in this case the shadows frame the eye to enhance the effectiveness of the shot.


This Silver Eye has a bright white eyering that already draws your attention to the eye but Rebecca Bowater also caught the catch-light (sun reflection) in the eye.


Here’s another one by Rebecca Bowater with a similar eye situation.  The orange eyering on this Eurasian Blackbird is further enhanced by the catchlight she captured.


You can’t miss the eye in this one.  A female Summer Tanager looking right at you.  Very effective Osprey60!


One last one from Osprey60 that brings us back to the Eastern Towhee.  Their red eyes are so vibrant but you don’t always catch them lit up as in this pic.


All in favor of these GreatBirdPics?  The “Eyes” have it!


Stay Safe.  Go Birding.  Take Pics.  Post Here.  Repeat


If you would like to know more about CLICK HERE.  Members can post their beautiful bird images, create a webpage of their images, make comments on other’s pics, and receive regular emails about birding and bird photography.  It’s free with no ads.

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