Members’ Bird Photography Showcase – 5/25/22

Love These Birds

The southerly winds bring up a variety of migrants through the midwest each spring.  Here are some pics of my favorite species.

Asteinmann starts us off with a Bank Swallow.  In flight I find it very difficult to differentiate swallows – partially because they are so fast and twist and turn in the sky.  Capturing a shot of one on the ground helps.


One look at that creamy background in this next pic and I knew Emil Baumbach was back after hip surgery.  This House Wren is posed nicely for us.


Ronald Ziglar thrilled me with this pic of a Magnolia Warbler.  So sharp and clean!  Take a look at the tail – it’s the only warbler with a black stripe across the bottom, which helps identify one high above you.


Go Birding.  Take Pics.  Share Here.  Repeat


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