Members’ Bird Photography Showcase

GreatBirdPics from around the world have been coming in lately.  Take a look at some of my favorites below.

Just look at the colors on and around the bird in this picture by bajadreamer!  Such a beautiful tableaux of sights.  Click the pic and read how he got the shot after waiting in the rain for hours.


LinLark said she had to go to the Botanical Gardens to finally get shots of a rare (for Chicagoland) Limpkin.  Usually found in Florida, more Limpkins have been reported up north in the past few years – has climate change expanded their range?


Osprey60 must have been laying on the ground to get this shot of a Pine Warbler (remember yesterday he was holding his camera high over his head).  I like the wide view with lots of white space around the bird and a colorful background.


Dan Rossi dared himself to take his camera gear out in a canoe.  He paddled around and found this Kingbird perched along the way.  GreatBirdPic!


Our New Zealand naturalist Rebecca Bowater sent in this great BIF shot of a Royal Spoonbill in breeding plumage.  I love the pose!

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