Members’ Bird Photography Showcase 7/13/23

As we approach 10,000 GreatBirdPics in our database I want to be sure nobody misses seeing some of the best pictures recently added.  Take a look:

WaynoBubba shared a great look at a Cattle Egret from Niceville, Florida.


Rebecca Bowater continues to share some fascinating birds from New Zealand.  She captured this Tui or Parson Bird in her backyard.


BajaDreamer continues to share some spectacular pictures of birds he took in Costa Rica.  Here is a female Shining Honeycreeper.  Be sure to click the pic to read his always informative commentary.


Finally, AlwaysBirding posted a series of three images of a Great Blue Heron coming in for a water-landing.  Here’s the first in the series (you can click on it and go to the next two images by clicking on the arrow on the left side of the screen).


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