Member’s Bird Photography Showcase – 7/8/21

Pretty Bird!  Pretty Bird!

Although the selection of birds mid-summer is somewhat limited, the photos of them are not.  Take a look!

LinLark added to our Dickcissel collection with this beautiful pic of one standing on a leaf.


Here’s another from our LinLark – a Common Yellowthroat giving the “look of death”!


Emil Baumbach caught this Green Heron stretching its neck out as far as it could go in search of a tadpole.


This next one took me to my field guide just to be sure.  My confusion was the color of the “mustache” but when I realized it was a Yellow-Shafted Northern Flicker from the western U.S., not a Red-shafted like we see around the midwest, I confusion was cleared up.  Nice shot, asteinmann!


Stay Safe!  Go Birding!  Take Pics!  Share Here!  Repeat!


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