Members’ Bird Photography Showcase – 8/30/23

Remember the survey I asked you to fill out a couple of weeks ago?  It turns out that the Members’ Bird Photograph Showcase is the most popular type of email I send out (even more than Mike’s Monday Pics – ouch!).  That being said here’s this week’s batch of some interesting pics from our members:

Let’s start off with an unusual composition.  John Weisgerber used a positive/white vignette around his picture of a Black-crowned Night Heron.  I often use a negative/dark vignette around many of my pictures to draw the viewers’ eye toward the bird in the center.  John said he did it to obscure some unfocused grasses in the foreground.  What do you think of the technique?


Asteinmann shared a picture of a Clark’s Nutcracker on a snag up in Canada.  Note that if he would have stood a foot to the right or left the bird would have been framed by a bright sky, but from this position a distant tree forms a darker background, setting off the bird better.


How lucky was Berginc4?  He had a Broad-tailed Hummingbird nest in his backyard.  Here’s picture of two hatchlings almost ready to leave their tiny nest.


You just have to read about the three times AlwaysBirding went out chasing a rare (for Ottawa County, MI) Swallow-tailed Kite.  Just click on the picture below and read all about it.


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