Merry Christmas!

Here’s wishing you a very Merry Christmas!  Today we celebrate the birth of God’s son Jesus.  Every wonderful place I go to see birds and every bird I see I am reminded of God’s gift to us.  This world is an amazing place, filled with wonderful sights and creatures.  Be sure to see more than just a bird through the viewfinder – see one of God’s creatures here for us to enjoy.

I don’t know why the colors red and green are associated with Christmas but if you think so too, then these must be Christmas birds:

You can’t get any more red and green than the Jamaican Tody!


The Rosy-faced Lovebird we saw in Arizona is one beautiful bird.  We’ll call the “rose” color red for today.


We spotted this Red-crowned Parrot down in San Diego a few years ago.  Bright red and green!


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Beautiful and apropos selection! Happy Christmas to All!