Mike’s Monday Pics – 10/16/23

Here’s a few more pics from our April Texas trip.

One of my favorite birds in Texas was the Scissor-tailed Flycatcher.  We saw lots of them but I couldn’t get close enough get a GreatBirdPic of one.  This pic was taken from afar with a dull background, but I still love the long tail!


I can’t resist taking pictures of Vermilion Flycatchers – I must have a hundred pics of them from various places I’ve visited.  The bright orange always knocks me out and my camera automatically comes to my eye and my finger presses down on the shutter button without me even thinking about it.


I’ve seen lots of Tricolored Herons.  They are numerous in the southern U.S. But I’ve never seen one in breeding colors before.  I couldn’t believe the bright blue bill on this guy and the tuft of white feathers on the back of his head really set it off.  Such a colorful bird!


We are always excited to see a Tufted Titmouse in the Chicago area but down in Texas they have their cousin, the Black-crested Titmouse.  Just as active and cute, this Titmouse gave us great looks from our blind.


It’s one thing to see a Cactus Wren but to get a shot of one by some cactus is pretty good (if I do say so myself).  There were three or four of them dodging in and out of the prickly cactus low to the ground.


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