Mike’s Monday Pics – 2/5/24

Please note that I will be unable to send many emails for the next two weeks as I’ll have limited capacity to create new content during that time.  I’ve set up a couple of “reruns” from the past couple of years and may be able to sneak in some time to send out a new one.  The website will still be up and running so you can continue to share your GreatBirdPics with us.

Here’s one of my favorite pics from our recent visit to The Villages, Florida (thanks again to Teri, Dennis, Gayle, and Mike for letting us stay with you).  Each time we’re there Karen and I like to walk the Sharon Rose Wiechens Preserve’s boardwalk, where we usually get some close views of a variety of waterfowl (the pics of the Purple Gallinule used in the recent Reflections exercise were taken there).  This time it was a Snowy Egret in breeding plumage that caught my eye as it perched on the boardwalk railing, facing the sunset.


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