Mike’s Monday Pics – 2024 Xmas Calendar Pics.1

Don’t forget our Obscured Bird Contest!  Today is the Last Day to enter and win $100 for the best shot.  CLICK HERE to read all about it.  We’re getting close so don’t forget – the person who submits photo #10,000 will win $25!


My 2024 Christmas Calendar is done so today and tomorrow I’ll share the photos I chose to be in it.  Last year I switched from Shutterfly to Mixbook because I felt like I could get a better deal there (and I got tired of trying to figure out which Promo Code worked the best).  I soured on Mixbook this year – technical glitches caused a two-week delay in getting the calendars (the problems weren’t discovered until after I received the calendars so they had to be corrected by Mixbook and then reprinted and reshipped).  I do like the variety of backgrounds in Shutterfly so maybe I’ll be using them again next year – what is your favorite publisher?

You may recognize some of the pics I selected for the 2024 calendar as they are my favorites and previously shared on GreatBirdPics.com.  Let’s start with four you haven’t seen yet, like this Iberian Magpie from Portugal.


Another favorite was this Painted Bunting, which gave great looks while I was down on South Padre Island, Texas.


Sometimes a wider shot really captures a lot of color like this Bobolink perched on purple flowers here in Illinois.


My cover photo of a female Ring-necked Duck “quacking” at the male made me smile.


A Common Eider coming in for a landing in Reykjavik harbor was January’s pic.


The Barred Antshrike was a favorite of mine during our trip to Panama last spring.  Love the spiked hair!

Six more calendar pics tomorrow.


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