Mike’s Monday Pics – 5/30/22

A Better Background

As I was walking along a path through a small meadow at Lambert Lakes I spotted an Eastern Kingbird.  Kingbirds are an easy photographic subject as they perch low to the ground, tend to stay there for awhile, and are fairly large.  I snapped off a couple of shots including the one below.


It’s not a bad shot as it shows a lot of detail in the bird.  The background is kind of blah.  I recalled that Emil Baumbach carefully choses his shots for the background; his creamy green backgrounds are easily recognizable.  I noticed that there was a bush with pink blooms in the distance.  You can see some of the pink in the shot above.  I realized that by moving a couple of feet to the left I could capture more of the pink in the background.  Here’s the result below.


Does the new background change the quality of the shot from GreatBirdPic to Award Worthy?  I think not, but is it a more interesting picture to view?  I think so.  Next time you’re out shooting bird pics see beyond the bird to the background.  Moving just a couple of feet could improve your final picture.

Go Birding.  Take Pics.  Share Here.  Repeat.


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