Mike’s Monday Pics – 7/19/22

More From Pagosa Springs, CO

I’m still stuck back a year ago in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.  We were given some timeshare points and used them to check out this southwest corner of Colorado.  We had never heard of the town before but it has been a tourist destination for many years because of the hot springs that pop up along the river that runs through town.  Here’s a couple more bird pics from our visit there.

This Black-chinned Hummingbird looks to the side to give us a good view of its head and bill.


One of our target birds while in Colorado was the Cordilleran Flycatcher, best identified by its white eye-ring and green overall coloring.


This House Wren hopped around some downed limbs making its bubbling noise to either attract our attention or distract us away from its home.


These adult Western Grebes are keeping a eye on the two chicks following a short distance behind.


This female Western Tanager (Bright Body morph) sits on a branch among some red berries.  Then below another female Western Tanager but this one is a Pale Body morph.

That’s all for now from lovely Pagosa Springs!

Stay Safe.  Go Birding.  Take Pics.  Share Here. Repeat.


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