Mike’s Monday Pics – 8/9/21

A Visit to Cap Sauers

Cap Sauers is one of Birding Buddy Mark’s favorite places to go.  It is usually quiet there (no bikers and few hikers) and contains a couple of good habitats.  It’s a reliable spot for Red-headed Woodpeckers and Blue Grosbeak.  We went there a year ago (remember, I’m clearing out my photo backlog – down to only 471!)

As a side note we would often see a lady in a white Cadillac pull up on the road bordering Cap Sauers and spread some birdseed on the ground in a little clearing.  She would sit in her car and enjoy the birds as they came in to feed.  Technically feeding the birds isn’t allowed in Cook County Forest Preserves but we saw no harm in it and it brought in a variety of birds for easy viewing.  Since then the Forest Preserve Police have cracked down on feeding birds in their Forest Preserve – they blocked off the clearing and posted big signs threatening to fine anyone caught feeding the birds.  We haven’t seen that white Cadillac since.

Back to our trip, we had some good looks at a Red-headed Woodpecker there.  Take a look:


We also got good looks at a pair of Blue Grosbeaks.  They are uncommon in our region so we were happy to add these to our checklists. The male Blue Grosbeak like to perch on the power line running along the road.


Both the male and female Grosbeaks would also forage for food in the meadow across from Cap Saur.


Mark was out at Cap Sauers just the other day and said he saw lots of Red-headed Woodpeckers and Bluebirds.  We’ve got to get back there and get some more pictures!

Stay Safe.  Go Birding.  Take Pics. Share Here.  Repeat.


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