Mike’s Monday Pics 9/11/23

Mike’s Monday Pics 9/11/23

We just returned from Hilton Head Island, S.C. where we were visiting my 93 year old dad (who is still smarter, better looking, and healthier than me).  Karen and I usually go out birding in the morning and then the rest of the day we have a great time together with dad.  We tend to see the same birds down there each time so I have a collection of bird pics from this and past visits.  Below are some BIF shots I’ve taken on Hilton Head Island over the years.

One of our favorites is the Roseate Spoonbill.  This colorful bird is not plentiful (we only saw one over the four days we were just there) but when one shows up flying near I can’t resist taking a shot.


I must have a hundred shots of Great Blue Herons flying – they’re so slow you can easily get them in the viewfinder and in focus.  This one is a bit unusual in that I was above the bird on a deck.  When in Lightroom I pushed the Contrast up high to get the effect on the water;  I kind of like it.


The White Ibis is one of the most plentiful birds on the island.  They usually are found on the ground in groups of 5-25 using their curved beak to probe for food.  I caught this one in the morning as it glided toward the marshy part of Broad Creek.


It’s hard to call a Woodstork “beautiful” (I’m sure their mother loves them) with their knobby head and oddly bent knees (when sitting).  They can be graceful while flying and I captured this one as it flew over a marsh.  The grass is so high in the marsh that once a bird settles down in it the bird simply disappears.


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