Mike’s Monday Pics 9/27/21

Today we take a closer look at the Cape May Warbler.  This interesting migratory warbler was first described in Cape May, New Jersey – hence its name.  They are not as numerous as some other warblers so seeing one is a treat.

The pics below were taken at the Jarvis Bird Sanctuary.  Jarvis is just south of Montrose Point and is often overlooked as a birding spot.  It is a heavily wooded area and surrounded by a fence.  Viewing takes place by walking the perimeter of the park and peering into the woods (a small area is cleared into the woods near a viewing area with bleacher seating nearby.

I could use some help with the first picture.  Taken in the fall, this is either an immature male or a female.  What’s the right call?


The next pics are of a male hiding in a pine tree.

Love those warblers!

Stay safe.  Go Birding.  Take Pics.  Share Here.  Repeat.


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