Mike’s Monday Pics – More In The Meadow

Mike’s Monday Pics – More In The Meadow

Last week I shared some pictures of Bobolinks I took while out in the middle of a meadow.  I received several nice comments on the pic that was a wider crop showing a Bobolink to the left balanced by some purple flowers on the right – thanks!

There were other birds in the meadow other than bobolinks that I was able to capture.  Take a look:

The Field Sparrow is often described as “cute.”  I don’t know if it is the small white eye ring, the tiny pink bill, or the whole package.  It certainly is cuter than a Bobolink.


In the meadow there were many Savannah Sparrows.  The word “savannah” means a grassy plain in tropical regions, which we do not have in Illinois but we do have meadows and prairies, in which these small birds thrive.


I was walking down a fence in next to a meadow and this Eastern Bluebird perched on one of the poles.  It was certainly blue but when I looked at the pictures at home the blue was practically glowing.  I don’t know if the camera enhanced the colors or if I just didn’t see how blue it was while in the field.


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