Mike’s Monday Pics – Portugal Birds.2

Our trip to Portugal last month wasn’t a birding trip but we did go birding a couple of times and we ended up getting 22 Lifers along the way.  Here are a couple of my favorites:

I was standing on the patio of our AirBnB apartment in Lisbon and spotted this Yellow-legged Gull atop an old chimney.  More Artsy-Fartsy than GreatBirdPic, but these gulls were Lifers.


I was most excited to see this Eurasian Hoopoe.  Its large cowl was folded down but still very evident.  Too bad it was such a backlit subject.


We caught a glimpse of an Iberian Magpie outside of Lisbon but found many of them in the southern town of Lagos.  This gregarious birds flew from the tops of bushes down to the ground to forage right along the path we were traveling.


We walked out on the wharf in the Faro bay (southern Portugal) and saw a couple of Northern Gannets, including this immature one flying by.


Although not a Lifer, the European Stonechat is a beautiful little bird that often perches in plain sight.


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