New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year!  I hope you had a fun (and safe) New Years Eve.  I’ve been working on  my photography and website New Years Resolutions because I think resolutions are a good way to challenge myself to try something different.  Here’s what I’ve come up with for 2024:

Take More Pictures – Sometimes I miss potential GreatBirdPics because I don’t hold the shutter button down long enough.  I don’t because I hate how much time I spend loading, reviewing, deleting, and refining images in Lightroom.  Obviously it takes more time to process 500 shots than 100 shots so I often shoot in short bursts instead of holding down the shutter and capturing a large number of sequential shots.  Continuous shooting increases the chance of getting a GreatBirdPic, particularly when the bird is moving around.

Be Brutal: Delete More Pictures – If I’m going to take more shots then I have to spend less time deciding which ones to delete.  Sometimes I agonize over which of 10 great shots to delete (remember the four Nuthatch pics a couple of weeks ago)?  Nobody is going to see most of those kept shots so why keep them?  I’ve got to be better about deciding which one or two shots to keep.

Try Two Unused Features On My Camera – My Canon R7 camera has many menu items that, because that I don’t understand them, I’ve never used.  I resolve to learn how to use two new features on the camera.  One that I’m going to try is the RAW Burst Mode which can be used to capture the moment a bird leaves its perch because the camera records frames for a second BEFORE the shutter button is fully depressed. Another possible feature is Focus Bracketing.   Any ideas for another feature to try?

Share More Pics on GBP – I put every shot I plan to share on GBP into a folder; there are now more than 1,700 in that folder!  I resolve to reduce the number of pictures waiting in that folder to 800 by either sharing them on GBP and/or Brutally Deleting Pictures.

Add 25 New Members to GBP – I need to be better about promoting GBP when I meet bird photographers.  I’m not a good natural salesman and feel somewhat uncomfortable promoting myself and/or the website.  I resolve to get over that and encourage more people to share their GreatBirdPics on  The more the merrier!

Enter Three Photo Contests – Although I often encourage GBP members to enter their photographs in a photo contest, I don’t.  I resolve to be brave enough to enter at least three different photo contests.

Offer More Contests on – I’ve had a lot of fun looking at all the entries from the two contests we had in 2023 (Birds Eating and Obscured Bird).  I resolve to hold four contests this year.  Any suggestions for contest topics?

Present 5 Programs About Birds – I’ve been working on PowerPoint presentations (using my photos) about birds in our region, their habitats, migration, and the threats to birds.  I resolve to finalize the presentations and offer the topics to schools and libraries in the area.

Become Proficient in Two Photoshop Techniques – My Adobe subscription includes Photoshop but I’ve barely used it.  I resolve to learn two specific techniques for Photoshop, apply them to some of my photos, and share them on  One Photoshop technique I’m aware of is blending two images into one.  It is used when there are two birds and in the first image one bird is in focus and in the second image the other bird is in focus.  Blending results in both birds being in focus in the same image.  What other techniques should I try?

Wow!  That’s a lot of resolutions!  So many I guess I won’t have time for my usual resolutions of losing weight, eating healthy, preparing a fine meal once a week, making up the bed, and getting more exercise.  What photography resolutions did you make this year?


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All worthwhile goals! Happy New Year!