Off to Costa Rica

There are lots of beautiful birds in Costa Rica and I’m hoping to see (and photograph) many of them one day.  Here are some of shots of Costa Rican birds from our members who have already been there.

Asteinmann was there in 2020 and captured this absolutely beautiful shot of a Northern Emerald-Toucanet.  You had me at toucanet!  PS – We still miss you and Rebecca around here!


Here’s another one by asteinmann I hope we see – a Slaty Flowerpiercer.  Check out the hook on the end of its bill.


Look at the colors of this Golden-browed Chlorophonia.  Rebecca Bowater traveled all the way from New Zealand to Costa Rica to capture this beauty.


I would kill to get a shot of a Yellow-throated Toucan like Rebecca did a couple of years ago.  I think toucans have a special place in all our hearts (no, I don’t think it’s because of the Fruit Loops cereal).  It is definitely on my list of shots I want to come home with.


It looks like 2020 was a popular year for our members to go to Costa Rica.  Asteinmann, Rebecca Bowater, and Osprey80 were all there that year.  Here is Osprey 80’s shot of a White-throated Spadebill he saw.  I hope I see it, too!


Bajadreamer’s been to Costa Rica, too.  Parts of the country have rain forest habitat and this shot of a Keel-billed Toucan was taken during a downpour.  Kudos to Bajadreamer for getting such a great shot in the rain!


I can only wish to get some shots as good as asteinmann, Rebecca Bowater, and Bajadreamer got while they were in Costa Rica.  If my timing is right I’ll finish off the Chile and Argentina pics just in time to share my Costa Rica pics.


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