Owl Have Another

We haven’t featured any owl pics lately and some of our members have been sharing some excellent pics of them.  Take a look:

Birder2011 was up in Sax Zim Bog and found a Northern Hawk Owl perched on a tall snag.  Great shot – even the wood on the perch has a lot of character.


Snoozing in the Golden Hour, by Scott Manicke, is a colorful picture of a Red-morph Eastern Screech Owl further reddened by the sunset’s golden light.


Emil Baumbach also went up to Sax Zim Bog and caught himself a Great Gray Owl.  In some pics an all-white background hinders the viewer from seeing the bird, but in this case the owl and branches take up enough of the frame that the background actually enhances the shot.  Well done, Emil!


Do owls hunt by the light of the full moon?  This one certainly did!  How did Musky Mike get that shot?  Long exposure, I’m guessing.  Excellent execution.


Aw heck – just one more from Musky Mike.  Such a colorful shot of an immature Great Horned Owl.  Love the reddish color – another sunset-tinged shot?


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