Common Redpoll

Some very exciting finds!

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On Dec. 31st, the last day of the year, I found a huge flock of 50+ Common Redpolls at one of my favorite spots, Wood Dale reservoir! They were not afraid of me, and occasionally would come down from the alder trees to take a drink from a puddle or to feed on the ground. They were difficult to photograph since they moved so much, but I was able to get a few keepers.
But even more exciting than Common Redpolls was a Hoary Redpoll that I helped pick out in the flock. It was only the 4th record for DuPage County, and the first since 2009! It was also my 255th bird for DuPage in 2021, which means I broke the previous record on the last day of the year!
This was a perfect way to end such a great year!
Happy New Year, and good luck in 2022!

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