Band-tailed Pigeon

Another example of a “wait and they will come” picture

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This is another example of shooting an image where I was hidden (a pop up blind) and this bird came to me. In fact, when this picture was taken, the bird was too close. All I was able to get was a head shot. This is a Band-tailed Pigeon, a bird that is still hunted in California. As a result this bird is very wary of humans and difficult to approach within 50 yards. They live our local mountains, usually above 4000′, in conifer forests. A handsome bird that, although it looks similar to our feral pigeons, in the right light has iridescent colors on both the underside and top of neck. Check out the eye. Taken with Canon R5, 100-500 lens with a 1.4 extender at 300 mm. 1/1000 sec, ISO 1000 and f/10 (wide open for this combination) at a range of about 15′.

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Emil Baumbach
Emil Baumbach

Beauty, Bajadreamer.

Mike Warner

You can see deep into the eye of the BT Pigeon. Wonderful detail.