Golden Tanager

Can’t we all just get along?

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Often it amazes us how much energy and time birds spend fighting with each other. Sometimes they fight with members of their same species. Other times, they fight with anybody who comes close. These fights can be over food, a favored perch, but sometimes who knows what. Some species have definite weapons-sharp beak, sharp nails (talons) or just sheer size. Other species do not seem to have much but they still go through the motions. These two birds were fighting over a perch. The Golden Tanager was there first and the Rufous-capped Tanager flew in to sit on the other end of the perch. The GT would have no part of it. This picture was taken at Amagusa-Mashpi Reserve in NE Ecuador.
This shot was taken with a Canon R5 with 600 mm lens. SS 1/2000, ISO 3200, f/8.0. Processed with DXO Pure Raw and PS. Significant crop from R and bottom (originally shot in portrait mode)

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Burning Nature photography
Burning Nature photography

nice shot.. Love getting those interaction shots. well done!!


Beautiful colors.

Emil Baumbach
Emil Baumbach

Nice shot.