Rufous-collared Sparrow

Some birds are just better looking than others

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There are obviously great differences between species of birds. Some are just better looking than others. However there are also great differences in appearance of individuals within a single species. Some of these differences are regional or seasonal but others are just individual. This species, Rufous-collared Sparrow, is one of the most common birds in Central and South America. This shot was taken by my wife, Deb, at the Zuro Loma Reserve in NW Ecuador and is certainly one of the more handsome males we have seen. Crest up, bright collar-truly a good looking bird.
Shot with a Canon R7, 100-500 lens at 500 mm with SS of 1/320, ISO 500, f/7.1 with EC of -0.7. Small amount of canvas added at top via transform tool.

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Camp Stitch Bird Nerd

He’s beautiful!


Beautiful image.. nice a tack sharp with a clean background.. what’s not to like about this one

Mike Warner

GreatBirdPic of the Rufous-collared! Great detail in the perch and bird. Love the colors in the picture. Congrats to Deb for taking such a beautiful shot!


Enjoying your Ecuador birds!