Toucan Barbet

What a difference a lens makes

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The previous image I posted of this same bird was taken with a 100-500 mm lens at f/7.1 (wide open for this lens). This lens has a minimum focusing distance (MFD) of about 1 meter and this bird was about 5 meters away.
This second image is the same bird on a different perch, but was taken with a 600 mm f/4.0 lens at f/5.6. Virtually the same background. This lens has a MFD about 5 meters and this bird was located only a short distance beyond that.
Background looks totally different.

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Mike Warner

Love the two pics of the Toucan Barbet – will be featuring them in an upcoming GBP Notes. Thanks for all your comments about the shots to inform us about bird photography techniques.

Mike Warner

As I was preparing a post about your two Toucan Barbet photos I was unsure how the difference in the MFD of the two lenses contributed to the differences in the shots. I know the difference in the aperture changes the depth-of-field but what does the MFD do? Thanks.