Booted Racket-tail

How many frames per second is enough?

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A subject of conversation whenever new cameras are discussed is the every increasing capabilities of how many frames per second can the camera take. On the “never enough” side is the argument that by capturing X numbers of frames per second you have the best possibility of catching just the “right” position of the bird or animal. On the other side is the daunting number of images one has to look at and cull at the end of the day, to say nothing of the storage space required.

This image was taken with a Canon R7 in mechanical shutter mode (15 fps). I was using mechanical shutter to avoid the notorious “rolling shutter” this camera is known for when using electronic shutter (30 fps). Unfortunately by using the reduced frame rate, I missed the money shot. A millisecond after this shot, these two Booted Racket-tail females collided. The shot I captured after this one only shows both of the birds tumbling off the perch. Had I been able to capture the “in between” shot it likely would have been a 5 star shot.

Shot with a Canon R7, 100-500 lens (at 159), ISO 5000, SS 1/3200, f/5.0.

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Dan Rossi
Dan Rossi

Amazing photo! Great job!

John Weisgerber
John Weisgerber

Great capture!