White-throated Sparrow

all about the setting

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This photo was all about the setting for me.. I seen this old farm post with a nice shrubbery behind it.. So I waited for a bird to come into the Fram to make it the photo I had imagined.. Lucky for me this White-throated Sparrow was more than cooporative in being my subject.. It was a rainy overcast day when I took this photo, just shows you don’t need to stay inside on rainy days and edit photos… Get outside with the birds!!!

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Emil Baumbach
Emil Baumbach

The old Jedi mind trick works again! Nice shot.

Mike Warner

The White-throated Sp on the post evokes a moodiness I don’t usually experience with bird pictures. A superb setting and cooperative bird. Do you adjust your White-balance on the camera or during post-processing to obtain the brownish hue to the photos you’ve submitted recently?