Eastern Kingbird

Silhouette of a Kingbird with a Bee

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There is no such thing as bad lighting, just lighting that forces you out of your comfort zone. This kingbird was terribly backlit, with no opportunity to move to a better vantage point. You have to work with the lighting you have and so I tried something completely different. I really liked the way the light was silhouetting the kingbird and his perch, so I lowered my exposure several stops to get this image. I was very pleased with this final result of a kingbird clutching a bee he just caught. Some days I might just have moved on assuming there was no opportunity for a good image, but I am glad that I did not.

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Mike Warner

I like it too. Shots that you have to work at a little to decipher what’s going on have more going for them. Glad you didn’t pass it up.