Baltimore Oriole

Over the shoulder

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This is one of my favorite poses to photograph. Yes, this is a “set up” shot with a perch mounted in front of a feeder. When I set up feeding shots, a decision has to be made whether to put the perch behind the feeder (in which cast you typically get frontal, breast shots) or put the perch in front of the feeder (in which case you get a lot of back shots, but sometimes this over the shoulder look. A little bit of both is what I like.
I know that this is the BOAS look, but when you are trying to emphasize the beauty of bird, I think this type of shot accomplishes that.
Shot in Costa Rica with a Canon R5, 600 mm lens off a tripod in the rain.
Processed in DXO and PS. Major crop from L and top to remove distracting elements. Otherwise little processing done.

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