Resplendent Quetzal

Which do you prefer?

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This is a full frontal view of the same species (not the same bird) that I posted a few days ago-a Resplendent Quetzal. This image was taken in Costa Rica in the Talamanca Highlands in central Costa Rica. These birds are found only at altitude-typically above 5000′ in the cloud forest. What is unusual about this shot is there is a splash of sunlight; typically these birds prefer cloudy, misty, foggy conditions to venture out and about. BG was brought down and a few hot spots were brought down using a Curves layer. Tough to get these guys in the frame as their tails can be up to a 24″ long. Do you prefer this shot or the wider shot I posted a few days ago?

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Mike Warner

I love both of them. This one shows the vibrant red of the breast. The first one has the beautiful foliage all around the bird. I would like the first one even more if it was cropped a little closer in so the bird would take up more of the frame. But as they stand, I like this one better.

John Weisgerber
John Weisgerber

Both are great but I prefer this one as it more vividly shows why the bird is really “resplendent”


This one certainly shows off the bird better, but my artistic sensibilities still favor the other one I think.


I like both.