Great Tinamou

Keep or not?

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I usually do not process or keep “portrait” type images, but occasionally if I have only one flawed, but maybe salvageable image of a species, I might try to make the save. This is one of those. This is a Great Tinamou, a large, but very secretive bird of Central America rainforests. They have been hunted for a long time and have become very wary in most places. You often hear them at dawn, before the sun rises, but you do not see them often. I saw this one only briefly and had only a fleeting moment to shoot. I was using way too lens (840 mm) and was hand holding so the shot was marginal. Instead of trashing it, I cropped down to the following head shot. Shot with Canon R5, 600 mm f/4.0 + 1.4x extender, handheld at f/5.6, SS 1/320. ISO 10,000. Processed in PS after conversion in DXO Pure Raw 3, and passed through Topaz De Noise prior to conversion to JPEG.

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Emil Baumbach
Emil Baumbach

I’m a huge fan of portrait shots. Keep it. I love the detail.

Mike Warner

I certainly understand your Keep or Not thinking. You made the right choice on this one – the portrait is visually stunning. Glad you kept it and shared it with us.