Gray-fronted Dove

An understory bird

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Will post a bird we saw during our trip to the Atlantic Rainforest of Brazil (Mata Atlantica). This bird is notable, not because it is spectacular, but rather because it is not easy to see, let alone photograph. These are birds of the understory. They can fly, but prefer not to. They live in the dense undergrowth of the rainforest. Taking images of these birds usually requires either luck, or sitting in a hide/blind for hours at a time. This image was taken by the latter method. Arrived at the blind before sunrise and sat for 3 hours waiting. Finally it showed up. This image, a Gray-fronted Dove, was shot with a Canon R6, 100-500 lens at 428, f/6.3, SS 1/400, ISO 12,800, EC -.3 (a mistake). Handheld. Processed in PS and Topaz DeNoise with saturation of bird brought up slightly.

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