Tufted Antshrike

Just barely made the cut

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My “bar” for pictures that I have taken has changed over the years. A shot that I would have been very happy with 5 years ago, no longer pleases me. The bird may be just as beautiful, the pose may be great, the image may be technically good, but if the background or perch that is in the image is not good, the picture often is immediately deleted. This image just barely made the cut. This is a Tufted Antshrike from Brazil. A neat bird, with a great crest and an active personality. The shot was taken early in morning, so there was not a lot of light to work with. To try to get the black bird properly exposed, I had to over expose the white rocks it was standing on. While this can be altered in processing, it still never will be pleasing. Shot with a Canon R5, 600 f/4.0, handheld. SS 1/320, ISO 8000, f/4.0. Processed in PS with bird slightly brightened and background slightly darkened. Topaz De Noise was used.

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