Carolina Wren

Song of the South

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This is the first Carolina Wren that I have photographed. Today was a big day at Lincoln Memorial Garden with its last pancake and sausage breakfast and the ending of its silent auction. I donated two of my pictures to the silent auction. My male Northern Cardinal framed picture went for $40.00 and my male red-bellied woodpecker framed photo went for $25.00. Before checking out the silent auction, my wife and I hiked around the garden and ran into a family walking off their pancakes. We heard a bird call that sounded similar to a cardinal to me, but the husband used his phone app to determine that it was a Carolina Wren. I never saw that bird, but I did find this one singing away at the Prairie Center portion of the grounds.

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Mike Warner

I like how the Carolina Wren is all puffed out – from singing or was it cold? Glad you finally got a shot of one – heard a lot but not often seen.